“ I never knew ACTORS could be so... interesting! - Kate
Comments on So Much For Talent
Wow! What a show! Loved watching Kate fall down the modern day rabbit hole.
- Red R, (11-11-13 at 12:00pm)
Laura Kenny is my hero!! More Ruthie!!!!!
- HPP (10-12-13 at 3:59pm)
Looks like more fun to make then I had watching and I did enjoy watching.
- JSR (09-26-13 at 3:25pm)
Congratulations on a wonderful first episode! I really enjoyed it. Can't wait for the next one.
- Bryar Freed-Golden (09-23-13 at 8:36am)
What an engaging and witty webisode! Staying tuned for more of the hapless heroine's adventures with The Talent and Sibyl Dahling's machinations. As a non-drinker, I felt absolutely dizzy by webisodes end.
- Brenda (09-22-13 at 8:11pm)
Tremendous start. The scene is set…Can hardly wait for the next episode!
- Babe Green (09-22-13 at 12:00pm)
Tracey is back! Yes!
- George Buford (09-22-13 at 10:29am)
I have my "dizzy" in hand and am waiting... the countdown begins!
- Marie (09-22-13 at 10:28am)
Looking for a great drink that's "hot and spicy like yourself"???
Check under the EXTRA STUFF for the recipe to make your own HOT DIZZY....just remember you were warned!
Use MISCHIEF RED VELVET vodka for a truly HOT drink!
- The BAR is open (09-22-13 at 10:28am)
What a great bunch of Seattle talent! Looking forward to the premier!
- Marie (09-04-13 at 5:05pm)